Who is a Good Candidate for EmSculpt?

You go to the gym religiously or never miss a session with your trainer, so why do you feel like you’re not seeing enough gain for all that pain? Or, you may have major guilt about not working out enough — or at all! No matter your situation, a more toned stomach, bottom, arms, and legs are universally desired by most people.

Dr. Alexis Stephens is highly trained in an innovative method of body sculpting that transforms how you look, effortlessly, and we’re hearing all kinds of great patient feedback about it. Everyone at Parkland Dermatology is ready to provide you with the most advanced treatment choices and is happy to partner with you about reaching your goals. 

A game-changing body sculpting treatment

Dr. Stephens offers EMSculptⓇ, a treatment that gives you a noticeably more toned and firm physique and couldn’t be more patient-friendly:

EMSculpt utilizes electromagnetic energy to reach the interior of your muscles, and the energy is delivered through a paddle device. Once the electromagnetic energy reaches your problem area, the treatment performs its most important, transformative work: firming your muscles and burning the very fat that you may have tried to rid yourself of during those countless workout sessions — to no avail. 

The mechanics of EMSculpt 

When you receive an EMSculpt treatment, the muscles that Dr. Stephens zeros in on are made to flex approximately 20,000 times during a typical treatment session, something that is humanly impossible otherwise. For this reason, you feel your muscles moving continuously during your treatment, even though you aren’t expending energy. 

You can feel some soreness in the area that was worked afterward, just as if you had performed vigorous physical exercise yourself, but the treatment process isn’t painful in the least. 

Dr. Stephens advises a course of treatment that consists of four EMSculpt sessions over two weeks, or two hours in total. This is what’s required for most patients to get the results they seek. 

Finally, a toning treatment with real results

One of the biggest pluses about EMSculpt treatments is that they can help you realize goals you’ve set out for multiple areas of your body but haven’t been able to achieve. This includes firming your buttocks and making your abs rock-solid, to adding curve to your calves and banishing jiggle from your arms. 

Dr. Stephens counsels you about the condition you need to be in in order for EMSculpt to be an appropriate option for you. For example, it will benefit you, before and after treatment, to eat well and exercise on a consistent basis. Before starting treatment, you should be within a normal weight range, too. 

If you’re not quite ready for treatment due to self-care issues, Dr. Stephens helps guide you to where you need to be in order to get treatment safely. 

You and Dr. Stephens work together to analyze which body parts need enhancing and determine your treatment goals together. Once treatments are scheduled, you get to watch the emergence of the body you’ve always wanted. 

How you look after toning treatments is more than worth it

You’ll see the complete results from your EMSculpt treatments about six months after them, but it’s well worth the wait! Your continued dedication to a healthy lifestyle supports your treatment results. 

Learn whether you’re an EMSculpt candidate today

We’re eager to introduce you to the wonders of EMSculpt and help you look your absolute best. Call our office to schedule a consultation, or book one through our website.

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