4 Acne Treatments That Work

4 Acne Treatments That Work

You want to look your best, but what if a red, angry-looking pimple appears at exactly the wrong time — before an important work presentation, your wedding, or your first date with that special someone? And what if this is the start of an unwelcome trend of persistent blackheads, breakouts, and eruptions?

A once-in-a-while zit is one thing, but when you suffer from full-on acne, it can profoundly affect your self-confidence and quality of life. In addition to marring your skin, acne can also be painful, especially the cystic type that lurks below your skin’s surface. The pain doesn’t stop there, either, since acne can bring you down emotionally as well.

Dr. Alexis Stephens offers advanced care for everyone struggling with acne, whether you’re 15 or 55 (yes, adults, and in particular women, are increasingly challenged with acne). She understands acne's physical and emotional effects and provides innovative treatments at Parkland Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery so you can enjoy clear skin — and self-confidence — again.

Acne can be devastating

Before we discuss the toll that acne takes on those living with the condition, it’s important to understand—especially if you’re dealing with chronic acne—that you’re far from alone. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, acne is the most common skin condition in our country, and up to 50 million people are plagued by it each year. 

We should also be in agreement about what acne is and isn’t. Acne isn’t the occasional pimple or breakout, and a few blackheads on your nose don’t constitute the condition. But acne has many “faces” and can look like:

Unfortunately, patients are negatively affected by their acne while it’s active and long after if scarring occurs.

In a novel study, patients with acne or scarring were asked to write a letter to their acne. These patients’ words described the intense self-consciousness that their acne caused, their feeling that others found them unattractive, and their feeling of powerlessness against this enemy. 

There’s hope and treatment for acne sufferers

Dr. Stephens has embraced an arsenal of acne treatments that have proven to be successful for patients impacted by even the most severe cases of stubborn acne. The four that she strongly recommends are:

1. Topical medications

Entire drugstore aisles are filled with topical acne creams, washes, and potions. The problem is that they’re simply too weak to match real acne. The key ingredients needed for products to succeed at truly eradicating acne are ones that address the inflammation and accumulation of bacteria associated with the condition. 

This is why Dr. Stephens prescribes antibiotics and retinol, which stimulates skin cell production and helps unclog pores.

2. Laser treatment for acne

The high-powered lasers used in treating acne allow Dr. Stephens to treat your acne in an incredibly customized, targeted way. She can use laser resurfacing treatment to minimize blemishes on the top layer of your skin, while laser rejuvenation addresses acne scarring.

3. Corticosteroid injections

We ensure your comfort when getting a corticosteroid injection specifically for uncomfortable below-the-surface cysts. An injection stops the development of the cyst in its tracks, so it never erupts, and you’re saved from scarring. A few days post-injection, the cyst has disappeared completely.

4. Chemical peels

A chemical peel noninvasively removes the upper layers of your skin that have been damaged by acne. Depending on your acne damage, a peel can reach different depths. 

The VI Peel® is especially helpful for people with acne. It improves both active acne and scarring and is best for those with fair to medium skin tones. Dr. Stephens can discuss the peel options that are best for you in detail. 

Some of these treatment options also help with signs of aging, in addition to helping solve acne symptoms and scarring.

To complement your acne treatment, Parkland Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery also offers a line of skincare products that support your skin health.

We’re invested in clearing your skin and banishing your acne once and for all! As your partner in care, Dr. Stephens is deeply invested in finding the right skin solutions for your unique symptoms and situation. Her expertise and compassion combine to help her create a treatment plan that will yield results so your complexion will be something you actually want to show off!

Call our Coral Springs office at 754-999-3376 to make an appointment with Dr. Stephens, or book one online.

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