First Time for Botox? Here’s How to Prepare for the Best Experience

It’s no fun watching wrinkles and lines appear as you take more trips around the sun. Sure, you gain wisdom as you age, but these visible signs of aging are anything but welcome.

One of the most widely used treatments for facial rejuvenation is an injectable treatment called Botox. The drug’s popularity stems from the fact that it safely and effectively relaxes muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles, the type that result from years of repetitive facial muscle movements. Some examples are the lines that develop on your face from laughing, squinting, or frowning. 

Dr. Alexis Stephens offers Botox treatment that has proven to be a game-changer when it comes to smoothing stubborn lines and refreshing your overall appearance in a natural-looking way. Scores of Parkland Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery patients have enjoyed phenomenal results with Botox, so it’s well worth learning more about this innovative treatment.

Before providing Botox treatment, Dr. Stephens always shares tips with patients on what to do prior to treatment to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Why Botox is revolutionary

Botox is actually made from botulinum toxin, the same neurotoxin that causes food poisoning, but when administered in small amounts via injection, it has the ability to temporarily relax your facial muscles, smoothing problem areas on your face that are prone to wrinkling from making facial expressions. 

Think crow’s feet around your eyes, forehead lines, and your “11s” lines, the double vertical creases that form between your brows.

Dermatologists and their patients consider Botox a miracle drug because of its many benefits:

When you make the decision to go forward with Botox treatment, there are steps you can take to prepare and optimize your experience. 

Getting ready for Botox treatment

Since Dr. Stephens and the Parkland team are committed to providing the best, most compassionately delivered care possible, they’re invested in giving you helpful information you can use before your Botox session that will make it as positive an experience as possible, with minimal post-treatment discomfort or side effects.

1. Make sure you’re a candidate for Botox

Dr. Stephens will discuss with you at length anything that may pose a problem with getting Botox treatment, but if you have no neurological conditions, skin infections around your treatment area, and aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding, you’re good to go.

We also ensure you’re not allergic to any ingredient in the Botox formula.

2. Take a break from blood thinners

If you take blood thinners, Dr. Stephens may recommend that you stop for several days before your treatment, which can help minimize post-treatment bruising and bleeding. If she advises you to do this, have a conversation with the physician who prescribes your blood thinner to make sure it’s safe to skip taking it before your Botox treatment.

3. Nix adult beverages before Botox

Alcohol has been found to increase the chances that you will experience bruising and redness after Botox treatment, so avoid drinking for 24 hours before your appointment.

4. Share information about medications and supplements you take

Give Dr. Stephens all the information you can about prescription medications and herbal and vitamin supplements so she can make certain they won’t cause a negative reaction when you have Botox treatment. 

Different medications can affect your treatment results or exacerbate post-treatment side effects.

5. Come to your appointment with a clean face

On the day of your Botox treatment, arrive at our office without makeup so Dr. Stephens can administer the treatment without needing to ask you to remove heavy makeup.

Preparing properly for your Botox treatment helps to make your session a breeze and minimizes post-treatment discomfort and side effects. This way, you can enjoy the best treatment results.

We know you’ll be thrilled to choose Botox. Prepare to be wowed by a smooth face, energized by your youthful look, and inspired by your newfound self-confidence! 

Call our conveniently located Coral Springs office at 754-999-3376 to schedule a treatment, learn more about Botox, or book an online appointment.

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