Get Ready for Summer With Noninvasive Body Contouring

Are you beyond frustrated because you’re super careful about your diet and you exercise religiously, but pesky problem areas of your body continue to be problems? It’s unfair, and you might also feel a sense of urgency since bathing suit season isn’t far off. As we know, this time of year lasts longer in Florida, so it’s understandable you want to look your very best ASAP!

Ditto for those who work hard to lose a significant amount of weight, only to find that they, too are still dealing with unwanted lumps and fat pockets.

At Parkland Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery, talented board-certified dermatologist Dr. Alexis Stephens offers a range of services and treatments that help you look your best, whether she treats your skin or helps you attain the shape you want. 

Dr. Stephens’ approach to patients always involves careful listening and working together to find the right treatment for each person, as everyone’s needs and goals are unique. 

Noninvasive, effective solutions for your body’s trouble spots

Fortunately, Dr. Stephens provides several treatment options for getting rid of the areas of your body you’re not pleased with, redefining your curves, and sculpting your body in a way that leaves you looking fabulous and feeling completely self-assured. 

These innovative body contouring treatments offer patients quite a few advantages, including ease of treatment, while producing impressive results. Body contouring can shape and refine many areas of your body, including your back, thighs, love handles, and more.

To be clear, body contouring treatment isn’t the right direction to take if your goal is weight loss. Instead, it’s right for individuals within their normal weight range who seek to smooth specific areas they’re not pleased with. 

Many body contouring treatments are out there, and most platforms rely on killing fat cells to be effective. However, the ones we offer work differently.

1. Kybella

Kybella® is a body contouring medication that's delivered to you via injection. It’s ideal for addressing submental fat — otherwise known as excess chin fat. Dr. Stephens enthusiastically embraced this treatment because it’s the only one out there that targets this area — a frustration for many.

Another benefit? Once fat cells are destroyed, they can’t come back!

2. EMSculpt

EMSculpt® is another body contouring treatment Parkland Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery provides that doesn’t take the traditional approach to spot fat removal. This treatment has a double benefit: it reduces fat in your problem areas and also builds muscle. 

EMSculpt is revolutionary because it uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic field energy (HIFEM) to work your muscles out intensely (think 20,000 flexes in just 30 minutes), except you remain stationary during treatment.

EMSculpt is particularly suited for defining your abdomen, firming your calves, toning swingy arms, and firming the buttocks. Post-treatment, expect to feel the same muscle soreness you experience when you work out vigorously for real. 

It’s also important to realize that EMSculpt treatment shouldn’t replace eating right and exercising regularly — it’s a complement to these lifestyle practices. You see peak results after your treatment at about the six-month mark, but you’ll notice improvement before then, too, and again, those fat cells can’t return.

3. Laser skin tightening

Laser energy has made many inroads in dermatology, first solving myriad skin problems like acne scarring, rosacea, and wrinkles and now tackling problem areas. Laser treatment tightens your skin by stimulating collagen production (the protein that gives your skin resilience and elasticity), and it can also help if you’ve got cellulite.

Our patients are drawn to these body contouring treatment options because they’re:

Another feature of body contouring treatments that patients like is that there’s no post-treatment downtime required — they can go back to work, home, or whatever they are doing right after leaving our office.

However, the biggest boon that body contouring offers has got to be the redesigned you! You’ll be stunned that your “rough edges” are now smoothed out. You can proudly throw on your bikini or trunks, form-fitting tee, or sundress and go to the beach, barbeque, or patio party with total confidence! 

Call our Coral Springs office at 754-999-3376 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Stephens to discuss body contouring options and your goals. You can also use our convenient online booking tool.

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