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You may find yourself constantly looking in the mirror and wondering why you aren’t seeing the results of your workouts. Despite day after day of squatting, lifting, and running, you don’t see the magazine-worthy abs or buttocks of your dreams. At Parkland Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery in Coral Springs, Florida, Alexis Stephens, DO, FAOCD, FAAD, offers electromagnetic EMSculpt® treatments to boost your workout and give you the muscle tone you’ve worked hard to achieve. To learn more about the innovative procedure, call the office or go online to book your consultation today.

EMSculpt Q & A

What is EMSculpt?

EMSculpt is a noninvasive procedure used to sculpt your body into a refined shape and tone your muscles in the process. The unique EMSculpt device administers electromagnetic energy deep into your muscles to strengthen them and burn fat in the area. 

It does so by causing your targeted muscles to flex about 20,000 times during the 30 minutes of treatment.

To achieve the body shape and tone that you want, Dr. Stephens recommends getting four of these 30-minute sessions within a two-week period. 

The treatment doesn’t hurt; instead, it feels like your muscles are moving and contracting without you controlling them. You’ll see the full effect about six months after your first treatment with regular improvements along the way.

How can I use EMSculpt to enhance my shape?

Dr. Stephens recommends EMSculpt to many patients for a variety of body-shaping goals. You can get the procedure to:

  • Give you chiseled abs
  • Enhance your buttocks
  • Tone your arms
  • Tone your calves

Everyone has unique preferences for their personal body shape, and EMSculpt’s versatility gives it the ability to meet your goals. To achieve similar results, you’d need months or years of regular intense workouts and a well-rounded diet.

Am I a good candidate for EMSculpt?

EMSculpt is a gentle enough procedure that most patients are eligible. After examining your body and reviewing your lifestyle and goals, Dr. Stephens may decide to let you proceed with the process if you:

  • Are already in decent shape
  • Work out regularly
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Can’t seem to get the muscle definition you want with just a healthy lifestyle

If you’re not currently a candidate, Dr. Stephens can help you look at other treatment options or give you suggestions for how to change your lifestyle to become one. The treatment is effective for all skin types and tones.

Does EMSculpt have any side effects?

EMSculpt is safe and gentle with little chance of side effects. In fact, perhaps the only side effect you’ll experience is muscle soreness similar to the kind you get after an intense workout. 

This happens despite the passive nature of the treatment, so be prepared for the strange sensation of having exercised vigorously despite laying down for the full 30 minutes.

Regular exercise can work wonders on your body, but sometimes the perfect body requires an extra boost. For enhanced muscle definition, call Parkland Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery to find out if you’re a candidate for EMSculpt today.