Cellulite Has Met Its Match

It’s profoundly discouraging to eat well, exercise religiously, and respect your body, but still be plagued with unchanging spots of that dapply fat that resembles cottage cheese curds: cellulite. The truth is that cellulite simply isn’t like “regular” fat

Cellulite is also very prevalent, much more so in women than men. A whopping 80-98% of women have cellulite, while about 10% of men live with it. 

Dr. Alexis Stephens and the caring team at Parkland Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery offer an innovative solution for that persistent cellulite problem, which employs exciting laser technology. Dr. Stephens is always interested in keeping current with successful and safe treatments, but never adopts anything hastily, so you’re assured you get the best care.

The hows and whys of cellulite

Cellulite forms because the connective tissues under your skin experience pressure from fat deposits. These pushed connective tissues under your skin are what cause cellulite to appear. 

The discouraging things about cellulite are well known: It affects your thighs, stomach, and buttocks and is unsightly, stubborn, and can even become more prominent with weight loss. The causes of cellulite are not very clear, but presently it seems to be linked with:

No matter what the cause of your cellulite, we understand that you want it gone. Fortunately, Dr. Stephens provides a treatment that works and has our patients excited.

The key to successfully treating cellulite

Solutions for cellulite are touted constantly, but creams and other potions just don’t work, and you may already have found out that exercise and special diets don’t either.

We’ve found laser treatments make a noticeable difference for our patients who come to us with cellulite concerns. What lasers do is allow Dr. Stephens to pinpoint areas of your skin for treatment, which makes sense because cellulite is such a site-specific problem. 

We treat your cellulite comfortably and quickly by employing lasers that jumpstart collagen production, which helps to reduce the appearance of your cellulite and plump and smooth your skin’s surface. 

Laser treatments work on cellulite no matter what your skin type or tone, and you can get back to life immediately after this noninvasive treatment. You’ll need maintenance treatments, but Dr. Stephens discusses those with you when she outlines your detailed treatment plan.

Find out more about safe cellulite treatment today

If you thought you were out of treatment options for your cellulite, you’ll be delighted to hear more about how we can help. Call our office at 754-999-3376 or book an appointment online with us.

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