Banish Summer Sun Damage with a Chemical Peel

You may have made lasting memories this summer, but all that time out in the sun can take its toll on your skin, leaving you with sun spots, fine lines, and dry patches that make you appear older than your age. While sun-damaged skin can be stubborn, you can take steps to restore your presummer look.

At Parkland Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery, under the leadership of our board-certified dermatologist Dr. Alexis Stephens, we can banish your summer sun damage with a chemical peel. This simple dermatological treatment can remove the old, sun-soaked skin to reveal your fresh, smooth, and younger-looking skin underneath.

The sun and your skin

The tone, texture, and look of your skin changes as you get older. This is partly due to the loss of subcutaneous fat that provides volume and structure, as well as a decrease in the production of collagen, which is the protein responsible for your skin’s strength and resilience. 

While your genetics plays a role in how quickly these changes occur, sun exposure accelerates the skin’s aging process. Exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun actually causes the collagen and elastin in your skin to break down. Without these two proteins, your skin doesn’t have the strength and flexibility it needs, which leads to sagging and wrinkles.

In addition to the lines and wrinkles, the sun also changes your skin tone. Overexposure to the sun increases the production of melanin (or what you may refer to as your summer tan) to protect your skin from the intense rays. Too much sun causes these pigmenting cells to clump together, creating brown patches on your skin. These often develop on the parts of your skin that get the most sun exposure, like your cheeks, nose, and forehead. 

Chemical peels to banish summer sun damage

Your summer fun may have damaged your skin, but we can help restore your look with a chemical peel. This noninvasive aesthetic treatment removes the damaged layers of your skin to reveal the younger, healthier skin underneath.

At Parkland Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery we offer many chemical peel options to help restore your look. Two of our most popular peels include:

VI Peel®

VI Peel is a line of chemical peels with specific formulations to match various aesthetic goals, including formulas to soften lines, even out your skin tone, and smooth out rough patches. VI Peels are effective and pain-free.

Jessner peel 

The Jessner peel is a beauty tool originally formulated over 100 years ago. This peel can reduce sun spots, diminish the appearance of wrinkles, and even improve the appearance of skin discoloration and pigmentation. Unlike other chemical peels, which can discolor darker skin, the Jessner peel is safe and effective for all skin tones. 

Before your chemical peel appointment, we provide specific instructions on how to prepare your skin to get the best results, which may include the use of medications such as Retin-A to help improve cell turnover. During your chemical peel, we carefully place the solution on your skin and let it sit for a few minutes. We then remove the peel or apply a neutralizing agent, followed by cooling compresses. 

The return of your pre-summer skin, and more

Chemical peels are designed to remove the top layer of your skin to reveal the fresher skin underneath. The process also creates an injury to the top layers of your skin, which stimulates the growth of new cells along with collagen. So in addition to removing your sun-damaged skin, our chemical peels also rejuvenate your skin to give you a healthier, younger look. 

To maintain your revitalized appearance, we recommend you be diligent about applying sunblock to protect your skin from the damaging and aging rays of the sun. This is especially important for those few weeks after your chemical peel while your skin is healing.

To banish damage from the summer sun and restore your look, call our office in Coral Springs, Florida, or book an appointment online today.

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