Adult Acne is More Common Than You Might Think

Contrary to what you may think, acne doesn’t only affect teens. Pimples and oily skin plague a surprising number of adults. In fact, the incidence of acne in people 20 and well beyond is now common, with 40-55% of adults diagnosed.

Each adult patient’s case is unique, as there are multiple causes of acne and the different ways the condition manifests. A 40-year-old’s acne — and the solutions to treat it — might be very different from a 60-year-old’s, for example. 

Dr. Alexis Stephens and the Parkland Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery team have treated scores of adult acne patients successfully, and learned from each one. We’re here to examine your case (and face) carefully, and to create and help you execute a treatment plan that clears your skin for good.

What is acne?

Acne is a skin condition that’s characterized by the appearance of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and even cystic skin eruptions. These unsightly problems occur when oil and dead skin cells park themselves in your skin’s hair follicles. 

Acne doesn’t just appear on your face, either. It can develop on your shoulders, neck, chest, and back. It’s a discouraging condition that can really bring you down, but solutions exist for addressing it. Parkland Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery is the place to come for advanced treatment. 

Acne’s toll isn’t just physical

Acne can be irritating and painful, but it also chips away steadily at your self-esteem. For an adult, this means you feel that much more hesitant about presenting that report for work, getting up in front of a classroom to teach, or simply participating in a Zoom call. 

What causes adult acne?

Acne is annoyingly persistent, and caused by a combination of things:

Adult acne can be a special problem for women, because they undergo a major hormonal shift each month with their menstrual cycles. And as we get older, new stresses emerge on a regular basis. 

What can be done to eradicate acne?

You can take great care of your skin, eat “clean,” and use only the best skincare regimens and makeup, but what if your acne still doesn’t abate?

Based on how serious your acne is and how often flare-ups occur, Dr. Stephens devises a course of treatment for you that is results-focused, so you’ll be looking good quickly! 

Dr. Stephens employs diverse treatments that are customized to your needs and your skin. These include:

Topicals work with religious use, medications work systemically, and corticosteroid injections destroy cysts, which lowers your chances for scarring. Laser treatments specifically address eradicating bacteria and calming skin that’s fiery red, while chemical peels offer relief by addressing mild-to-moderate acne and some scarring. 

Don’t feel hopeless about your acne

Know that you’re far from alone in struggling with acne, even as an adult. Call our office or book an appointment for a consultation via our website and start being proactive today. 

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