Virtual Visits Are Highly Efficient

The ability to visit virtually with your caregiver has existed for some years now as more and more technological advances have changed medicine, from the widespread use of the electronic health record (EHR) to sophisticated automated coding systems that classify health conditions. 

The accelerator that really made our dependence on telemedicine explode? The arrival of COVID-19. The ability of care providers to meet with their patients without being in the same location became critical because, pandemic or not, patients continue to need care and important health screenings. 

Dr. Alexis Stephens and the Parkland Dermatology team have enthusiastically embraced virtual visits because they offer so many benefits, particularly now. 

How can a virtual visit help me?

Dr. Stephens offers virtual visits for both consultations with her and treatment for emerging skin conditions. 

A virtual consultation allows you to explain non-urgent conditions you’re experiencing to Dr. Stephens, enables her to observe how they’re manifesting, and presents the opportunity for her to discuss treatment options that might be appropriate for you. 

For example, if you’re suffering with a mild rash of some sort, Dr. Stephens can examine and speak with you — in real time — make a diagnosis, and recommend treatment, with the help of advanced audio-visual technological capabilities. She might also request that you send her photos of your skin issue.

And although Dr. Stephens isn’t able to perform one of the many advanced, safe aesthetic treatments she offers, from Botox® and chemical peels to body contouring treatments, without seeing you in person, she can perform detailed consultations with you about them so you get all your questions answered.

Isn’t that personal touch missing in a virtual visit? 

Not necessarily. Just because Dr. Stephens can’t see you in person doesn’t mean that she can’t make a sound diagnosis, recommend proper treatment, or prescribe needed medication. In fact, patients often report that they feel more focused on by their doctor, instead of less.

How virtual visits make your care more efficient

When you visit with Dr. Stephens virtually, the overall care process is streamlined:

All this being said, ideally, virtual care should complement in-person care when appropriate, not substitute for it. 

Connecting virtually with us is easy 

We’ve partnered with DermatologistOnCallⓇ a virtual care platform designed by a dermatologist. All you have to do is create a no-cost account and next thing you know, “The doctor will see you now!” Dr. Stephens has gotten much positive feedback from patients she’s already served. 

You can also schedule a virtual consultation if you’re interested in EmSculptⓇ treatments, which build muscle non-surgically.

Call our office or connect with us via our website to find out more about virtual visits with Dr. Stephens, and how they can enhance your care. 

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